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AutoCAD 2016

From conceptual design through drafting and detailing, AutoCAD software is the industry standard that delivers features to increase speed and accuracy while saving time.

AutoCAD – the world's leading customizable and extendable CAD application – delivers virtually instant productivity.

AutoCAD most recent release focuses on improving designers' ability to quickly and easily document their designs, with a level of control that helps ensure that their drawings look as professional as they require.


AutoCAD Light has many of the features of full AutoCAD for drafting:

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  • Drawing tools
    Use standard shapes such as lines, polygons, arcs, circles, and ellipses to create simple or complex 2D drawings.
  • Modify objects
    Modify existing geometry with commands such as stretch, scale, and rotate. Create new objects, copy, offset, and mirror commands.
  • Annotate drawings
    Complete your drawings with annotations such as text, dimensions, and hatches.
  • DWG file format
    Save and share 2D drawing files with confidence in the integrity and reliability of your data with DWG technology from Autodesk.
  • Publish and plot
    Create a multisheet DWF, DWFx, or PDF file, or create a paper drawing set.

New Features in LT :

• Associative Arrays
• Multifuncational Grips
• Auto-Complete Command Line
• Sheet Set Manager

Autodesk Software Rental

Get your business started with Autodesk software or Suites and pay as you go when you buy a monthly, quarterly, or annual software rental plan.

It's a budget-friendly choice to get proven tools used by the world's CAD experts.

Call Varitronics Systems 732 356-7773 for more information.        Autodesk Rental FAQ

AutoCAD and LT for MacIntosh

Autodesk Software for MacIntosh now available AutoCAD and LT software is available for the MacIntosh operating system. Other Autodesk applications are also available.

Read more.            Mac FAQ

Building Information Modeling

Revit software for BIM

Civil 3D


The power of BIM:
  • Unite the project team's designs into a single, integrated, dynamic model
  • Determine a building's physical and functional characteristics before construction begins.
  • Project timelines, estimate costs and detect clashes digitally.
  • Create more accurate estimates
  • Save time and money by reducing redesign and change orders.

        Beat the competition and win bigger projects with BIM!

Software for BIM

Click below to see a summary of AutoDesk's newest software solutions to implement      Building Information Modeling

Revit and BIM software

Civil 3D

What is BIM all about? Increased opportunities!

Waste less, profit more, qualify for major building projects using BIM!

3ds MAX Design for Architects and Engineers

Autodesk has customized its 3ds MAX software for engineering and architectural applications.

Autodesk 3ds Max Design provides a comprehensive, integrated rendering, 3D modeling, and animation software solution for architects, designers and civil engineers. Autodesk 3ds Max Design is included in the Building Design Suite.

Media And Entertainment Suite

3D Studio Max

Achieve stunning results in less time with 3D Studio Max software. Accelerate your creative workflow and increase your pipeline efficiency with enhanced animation and rendering tools.

3D Studio Max leverages the latest technology advancements, such as 64-bit OS, to help you work with ever-increasing amounts of data and more complex scenes.

Autodesk Maya

Create engaging and lifelike digital images, realistic animations, and extraordinary visual effects with Autodesk Maya 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. Whether you are a film or video artist, game developer, graphic artist, design visualization professional, or 3D enthusiast, Autodesk Maya helps you realize your creative ideas.

McNeel & Associates Products

Varitronics carries the full line of McNeel and Associates products featuring:

  • Rhinoceros, an accurate freeform modeling tool for Windows.
  • Flamingo, Penguin and Bongo extensions are available for the powerful Rhinoceros platform.

Synchro Pro

Varitronics Systems has recently partnered with Synchro Ltd. to provide powerful 4-D Construction Project Management software and services.

Call us at: 732 356-7773 and ask for Greg for more information about this exciting product.

Carlson Survey

We also sell Carlson Survey software for surveyors, now fully compliant with AutoCAD 2013 and later .dwf file format. Land Surveying Software built by surveyors for surveyors.

Carlson Civil Suite includes Survey plus Carlson Civil, Hydrology and GIS to help you dramatically increase your productivity and create better designs.