New! Get Advanced Technical Support from Autodesk

Now Subscription customers can get a full year's worth of direct, telephone support from Autodesk technical specialists for a modest, one-time fee.

Call Varitronics Systems, 732 356-7773 for more information.

Pricing Information

Advanced Support Flyer     How to Access Advanced Support

Installing Autodesk 2013 Software

• ACAD 2013 System Requirements
• ACAD 2013 Installation Guide
• ACAD 2013 Installation Help, FAQ, Licensing and Network Guide
• ACAD System Requirements - Versions to 2004
• Installation and Configuration pdf
• Installation and Configuration links
• Network Administrator's Guide
• Suites Licensing FAQ

Installing Autodesk 2013 Suites

• Configuring and Installing Autodesk Products and Suites - Videos and Links
• Preparing to Install Autodesk Suites - White Paper

Getting Technical Support from Autodesk

FREE online support with Subscription

Subscription customers can receive FREE support from Autodesk via email as follows:
  1. Login to Subscription Center
  2. For product enhancements, e-Learning, and Internet technical support, click
    "Access Your Subscription Benefits"
  3. To ask a specific question, Click "Support Requests"
  4. Click the "Need help? Contact Us" link on the left panel
  5. Click the "Technical Support" radio button and the "Select" bar
    1. Fill in the user form with your information and question.
    2. Add Varitronics Systems as your reseller, so we can view your request
    3. Click the "Save" button to submit
    4. After submitting, you may attach files if desired.
    5. Autodesk technical support will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Advanced Support

For unlimited, 24-hr weekday telephone support (including remote desktop) from senior Autodesk technical experts, contact Varitronics Systems to add Advanced Support (formerly Gold Support) to your Subscription.


Go to for community forums, knowledge base, etc.
Video tutorials are posted on
Subscription customers:
Call Varitronics Systems, 732 356-7773 for basic support. We are here to help!
For Varitronics customized training and consulting: Call Bonnie at 732 356-7773 x 211.

Getting Started With Subscription Center

If you are a new Autodesk software subscriber, check out the many benefits of your free Subscription Center website!
Go there for:
  • FREE upgrades and software enhancements
  • Authorization codes to use earlier versions
  • Authorization to install your software onto a laptop or home computer in addition to your office PC
  • Online help from Autodesk
  • Managing and maintaining your Autodesk licenses

How to:

    • Download 2013 Autodesk Products
    • Download Problems? Help
    • Install Autodesk software
    • Register and Activate Software
    • Request DVD / Get Product or Authorization Codes
    • Transfer a license from one machine to another
    • Previous Version Authorization FAQ
    • Home Use FAQ
    • Forgot your userid and password?         Login Help


   Benefits of Software Subscription

New! Autodesk launches Web-based software and storage via Autodesk Cloud - FREE with Subscription!

Autodesk Subscription customers gain a greater advantage for enhanced collaboration, mobility, and computing power by using new, web-based technology from Autodesk. Autodesk Cloud provides FREE: 3GB of Internet storage space, plus additional eServices, depending on your product and number of seats on subscription.       Announcing Autodesk Cloud

What is Autodesk Cloud All About?

        Cloud Facts & Features

What Cloud Features Can I Access?


All Autodesk Subscription customers can use:

• Autodesk® Cloud Documents
• DWG Viewing and Editing via WS
• 3GB Internet storage space per seat on subscription
• Autodesk® Design Review mobile app

Premium/Ultimate Design Suite Subscription customers also get:

• Autodesk® Cloud Rendering
• Autodesk® Green Building Studio
• Autodesk® Revit Conceptual Analysis

Getting Started with Autodesk Cloud

To take advantage of these features:

1. Have your serial number handy so you can verify the cloud services you are entitled to. (Help/About in your application toolbar should display your serial number. If you can't find it, call Varitronics Systems at 732 356-7773 for assistance.)
2. Login to and set up an account. You can use your existing Subscription Center userid and password.
3. Read the Customer FAQ for details and instructions for accessing your Cloud services.

FREE! Storm & Sanitary Analysis Extension with Civil 3D subscription