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As your Autodesk dealer, we at Varitronics Systems have always tried to give you the best advice and help that we can. After almost 35 years as a dealer, we feel we can do even better for you if we work with another dealer with a larger staff and more capabilities for all your Autodesk needs. We selected MicroCAD Training & Consulting led by Agustin Fernandez, President/CEO.

Agustin Fernandez.jpg

Agustin Fernandez

I have known Agustin and his professional staff for decades and have watched him create a highly efficient and helpful dealership. MicroCAD, headquartered at 440 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472, is an Autodesk Platinum Partner with offices throughout the East Coast. We will now have their resources to call upon while we continue to work with you.

As of November 1st 2020, our Autodesk sales are being conducted under MicroCAD with all quotes, renewals and payments through them. We highly enjoy working with you and greatly appreciate your loyalty. Please feel free to email or call me with questions. 

Loretta Holz
Direct:  732-356-7773 x201

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Loretta Holz

Our sister company, Varitronics Consulting, under the leadership of Greg Ralph is eager to continue working with you for all your project needs. Varitronics Consulting has a full staff of technical experts in a variety of related disciplines. In addition, we have a select group of consultants we call on to fulfill all of our customer needs.

We find the combination of training/consulting particularly potent to keep engineers billable and on task while evolving their skills and processes at the same time. We send our experts out to work on-site, hands on with your team, effectively fulfilling two needs in one shot.

Please call us to discuss our training/consulting or more traditional consulting options we offer, such as:
•    Project Consulting
•    BIM Coordination

•    Laser Scanning & Model Creation 
•    Custom Training & Template Creation 

Greg Portrait.jpg

Greg Ralph

Call us at 732-356-7773 x201

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