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Enscape—Real Time Rendering & Animation

Enscape is a plugin for Revit (not Revit LT), Rhino, and Sketch-up. It is designed to give virtual feedback of your 3D models (architectural, MEP, conceptual & more) in real time. It is a virtualization program with a simple but powerful set of tools that make other rendering methods obsolete.  BUT despite its power is easy to use.

Revit exports the 3D model into Enscape where it renders it in real time, complete with realistic textures, shadows, reflections, atmosphere features, water, and grass.

Enscape comes with a library of vegetation, people, vehicles, furniture, and additional entourage.  The collection is growing with each new update. Visual enhancements include motion-blur, depth of field blur, vignette, chromatic aberrations, geometry outlines, and more. Once the model is in Enscape, it can be updated in real time during a presentation or VR presentation (no re-export needed).

Enscape can render in “white mode” where textures are discarded and in “light mode” where surfaces are painted in gradients of illumination intensity for light study.
Enscape creates a web-based or standalone environment that clients can move through, similar to how it is done in computer games (no jumps or shooting through, but it is possible to move through walls).

Enscape integrates with VR systems (Oculus, HTC, WMR) for complete immersion into virtual environments of your creations. Enscape can also export videos of the walk-through of your creations, images, panoramas, and even stereo panoramas for “Google-Cardboard” kind of devices.

Why not alternatives?

  • Revit has perceptive view rendering options, but graphic capabilities are limited and basic.

  • Autodesk Cloud Credits offer rendering in the cloud, but it takes a long time to render a single image, while Enscape renders in real time.

  • 3D Max requires extensive knowledge of the tool, and also almost a complete rework of the model and textures. It does not allow for user friendly interface for customer interaction, nor VR capabilities.

We sell Enscape and offer:

  • Training on how best to use Enscape.

  • Consulting on how to fine-tune your 3D model to look great in Enscape.

  • Consulting to prepare the textures to look realistic in virtual environments.

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