What is Autodesk Subscription?

Autodesk Subscription is term-based software. You buy a license to use Autodesk software for a period of time, from quarterly to annual to several years.

With Subscription, you do not own a perpetual license, but you can enjoy a lower initial cost and all the benefits of a maintenance plan. See our AUTODESK SOFTWARE page for information on what products are available through Autodesk Subscription

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What is Autodesk Maintenance Plan?

An Autodesk maintenance plan is a special Autodesk program that enables customers to access software updates online as soon as they are released. A maintenance plan also gives customers access to other online information, such as User Groups, Learning Modules, and Technical Support via email.

A maintenance plan applies to perpetual software licenses only. (A maintenance plan was formerly known as “Desktop Subscription.”) Autodesk "Subscription" now refers to a term-based software plan. More information about Autodesk Subscriptions can be found on our AUTODESK SOFTWARE page.

Owners of perpetual license maintenance plans pay annually and receive benefits throughout the year. A maintenance plan is good for 12 months (or longer, if you elect multi-year renewals) and is renewed on its anniversary date. Updated software is released each spring and is available for immediate download at your convenience.

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