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What is Autodesk Maintenance Plan?

An Autodesk maintenance plan is a special Autodesk program that enables customers to access software updates online as soon as they are released. A maintenance plan also gives customers access to other online information, such as User Groups, Learning Modules, and Technical Support via email.

A maintenance plan applies to perpetual software licenses only. (A maintenance plan was formerly known as “Desktop Subscription.”) Autodesk "Subscription" now refers to a term-based software plan. More information about Autodesk Subscriptions can be found on our AUTODESK SOFTWARE page.

Owners of perpetual license maintenance plans pay annually and receive benefits throughout the year. A maintenance plan is good for 12 months (or longer, if you elect multi-year renewals) and is renewed on its anniversary date. Updated software is released each spring and is available for immediate download at your convenience.

What is Autodesk Subscription?

Autodesk Subscription is term-based software. You buy a license to use Autodesk software for a period of time, from quarterly to annual to several years.

With Subscription, you do not own a perpetual license, but you can enjoy a lower initial cost and all the benefits of a maintenance plan. See our AUTODESK SOFTWARE page for information on what products are available through Autodesk Subscription

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